• Feedback Event

    Greetings, Captains We love the feedback we gather from each of you and wish to make the best experience possible! For this event we will be asking about your most fa

    2015-05-13 [+] read more
  • Memorial Day Screenshot Contest

    Greetings, CaptainMemorial Day is officially celebrated on the last Monday during the month of May. Memorial Day is dedicated to service men and women who gave their

    2015-05-13 [+] read more
  • STAR TREK: ALIEN DOMAIN Questionnaire Event

    Greetings! Since Star Trek: Alien Domain has gone live, you guys have given us great support. We listened to your feedback in CBT1 and CBT2, and you helped us make th

    2015-04-14 [+] read more
  • STAR TREK: CBT3 Forum Event

    Captains, Welcome to CBT3! We’ve prepared four forum events for you to get awesome rewards.  Are you ready to join us? 1.Captains Log  Event Title: Captains

    2015-04-07 [+] read more
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