Greetings, captains.STAR TREK:ALIEN DOMAIN CBT3 kicks off on April 7th, at 7PM PDT! Are you ready to journey back to fluidic space? We’ve prepared lots of awesom

    2015-04-03 [+] read more
  • Name that Officer

    Greetings Captains! We have a few officers that need some awesome names and backgrounds. Who better to name them than you! Dates: March 17, 2015 ~ March 25, 2015How

    2015-03-16 [+] read more
  • YouTube Faction Challenge

    Greetings Captains! For this event we will be challenging you to leave a comment on our Star Trek: Alien Domain Trailer video on YouTube, telling us which faction you pla

    2015-03-16 [+] read more
  • Feds Vs. Klingon Recruiter

    Star Trek: Alien Domain Feds vs. Klingon RecruiterGreetings Captains! For this event you can either make an image or a video! We are challenging you to create a recruiter

    2015-03-16 [+] read more
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