February Event Preview

New ship: Scorpio V

Top up Event

Duration: February 23, 00:01-March 15, 23:59


Spending Event

Duration:  February 23, 00:01-March 15, 23:59


Stormy Sector

Duration:  February 24, 00:01-March 15, 23:59


You can dispatch a robot to survey the storm area. Depending on the result of the investigation the robot will return with high energy crystals and other items

First dispatch per day is free

As you Gather higher energy crystals you can open up the advanced robots

You can exchange ships and other items by the crystals gathered

* Please be aware that if you execute "AUTO" with the number of free times remaining, the confirmation window of credit consumption may not be displayed.

Lucky Draw

Duration: February 23, 00:01-March 15, 23:59


During the event, Starships, SPAR Crystals, Equips or other items will be available.

You get one free spin per day.

You will earn 10 points each time to draw.

4-Star Officer Event

Duration: February 23, 03:01-March 18, 23:59


Discount shop

Duration: February 23, 03:01-March 1, 23:59


Duration: March 2, 03:01-March 7, 23:59


Duration: March 8, 03:01-March 8, 23:59


Daily Consumption

Duration: February 23, 03:01-March 8, 23:59


Duration: March 9, 03:01-March 15, 23:59


Daily Top up Event

Duration: February 23, 03:01-March 1, 23:59

Duration: March 2, 03:01-March 15, 23:59

Star Officer Event

Duration: February 23, 03:01-March 14, 23:59

Crate Event

Duration:  February 23, 03:01-March 14, 23:59

Details: During the event time, the following packs are available to purchase.

Blackhole Treasure

Duration: February 24, 03:01-March 15, 23:59


Interstellar Trade

Duration: February 24, 03:01-March 17, 23:59


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