Version 1.70 Will Update on May 18 (Website Server 1-3)

Greetings Captains,

We will update to version 1.70 on May 18, 00:30 (PDT). The update will be applied to Website Server 1-3 first, with a full release coming shortly after. Downtime is expected to last approximately 2 hours or more. Please log off beforehand to avoid any loss.

New Contents:

1. Unlock Lv.90

Increased the level limit to Lv.90.

2. Elite Stage

Added new difficulty levels and drops to Sector 23.

3. New Maps

Added Sector 23 (Lv.86) Map (Added), Sector 24 (Lv.91) Map, new bosses and rewards in Scenes 1-3.

4. Unlock New Skill

Lv.90 players now have access to the new skill: Barrage Torrent.

5. Unlock New Plots and Related Side Missions

Added main and side missions to Lv.86-90.

6. Increase the Upper Limite of Equipments' Upgrade, Reform and Raise.

7. Unlock Lv.86 Trial

Added new trial difficulty levels and rewards.

8. New Officer Level

Increased the 5-Star officer level cap to Lv.90.

9. Unlock New Sets

Lv.90 players can craft Lv.90 sets. Added Lv.90 Set Blueprints to the Exchange.

10. Unlock New Weapons

New weapon debris will be dropped in the Elite Stage Sector 23. Added new debris and equipment to the Exchange.

11. Level Rewards

Configured Lv.90 rewards.

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