• GAMESAMBA Star Trek: Alien Domain Player Survey

    Answer the “GAMESAMBA STAR TREK: ALIEN DOMAINTM Player Survey” and be entered for a chance to WIN 1 of the 5  WINNERS of STAD in-game items worth $50!We are also

    2015-09-21 [+] read more
  • Server Merge Survey-Let Your Opinion Be Heard

    Greeting Captains, The purpose of this survey is gathering Star Trek: Alien Domain players’opinions on server merges and similar activities. Your responses will hel

    2015-07-15 [+] read more
  • Rate our Facebook App and WIN REWARDS!!!

    How's your STAR TREK:Alien Domain adventure? If you think our game is EXCELLENT, please rate it 5 stars.Date:June 16- June 30How to join in:Take a screen shot of

    2015-06-16 [+] read more
  • Design your own Alien or Starship

    Greetings Captains! What would you do if you could design your own starship or alien? Now is the time to let your creative talent shine! For this event, you will be

    2015-06-16 [+] read more
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