Star Trek: Alien Domain reveals revolutionary new Klingon translation device

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Captain of a FEDERATION STARSHIP? Having difficulty learning the language that may accidentally, if you say the wrong thing, land you in a battle to the death?

Well look no further CAPTAIN! You can now throw away those petty Klingon Language courses and get The STAR TREK: ALIEN DOMAIN KLINGON TRANSLATOR!

Take the KLINGON TRANSLATOR with you to the final frontier and explore FLUIDIC SPACE! For only 3 Latinum Strips you can translate KLINGON instantly! No software courses required!

NOW you can converse fluently in KLINGON while in the following (but not limited to) situations:

Enter your Captain’s Log in Klingon!

Negotiations *

Boarding Preparations

Medical Assistance

Klingon Cultural Ceremonies

And more!

* Product does not guarantee results of negotiations.

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