Main Characters


Commander Jenny Snow

Commander Snow is one of the leaders in Admiral Smith’s new branch of Starfleet, and primarily helps to locate new arrivals and bring them up to speed on how to survive in fluidic space.

Marcus Redd

A lone wolf operative in the Federation’s fluidic space operations, Marcus Redd is one of the few officers involved in nearly all of the realm’s major combat scenarios.

Admiral Elton Smith

Admiral Smith is in command of the Federation forces stranded in fluidic space. Among the first trapped there by Species 8472, he has created a sense of order in the new domain, and is responsible for organizing attempts to escape the extradimensional realm.


Sartok is the chief science officer of the Federation survivors in fluidic space. He is also a close friend of Jenny Snow.

Vice Admiral Gaberin Fox

Gaberin Fox is Admiral Smith’s second in command. He is a devoted follower of Admiral Smith’s leadership.



Commander Dukoth

Commander Dukoth is a young Klingon officer with a great mind for battle. Despite his inexperience, Talmok has made him one of the key figures in charge of the Klingon forces in fluidic space.

General Talmok

General Talmok is the leader of the Klingon forces marooned in fluidic space. A veteran of many battles, he is less interested in a peaceful escape than he is in proving the might of the Klingon Empire, regardless of the battlefield.

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