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Fluidic space is an extradimensional realm located outside of the known limits of our universe.


Fluidic space is filled with a type of organic fluid. Originally, it was believed that the space was devoid of all stellar bodies and lifeforms other than Species 8472. However, after being trapped by Species 8472, the Federation and Klingon forces have now learned that their knowledge of fluidic space is incomplete, and not only are astral bodies present, but so are new, dangerous creatures.

Astral bodies are located within massive “bubbles” of fluidic space, forming systems similar to our galaxy’s star systems, but with no central mass to orbit. These bubbles have a much less dense fluid within them, allowing for Federation and Klingon forces to survive on the surface of planetoids by employing adaptive shield technology and oxygen generators.  


Federation and Klingon forces have naturally tried to assign a familiar mapping to fluidic space, splitting the region they have been trapped in into sectors, each containing a number of systems within, which are found in the less dense “bubbles”, or pockets, of fluidic space.

Fluidic Crystals:

The Federation and Klingon survivors have discovered a mysterious type of mineral that seems to only exist within fluidic space. These “fluidic crystals” contain and generate massive amounts of energy. Federation and Klingon forces are actively researching new ways to incorporate the fluidic crystals into existing starship designs.

Quantum Anomalies:

A Quantum Anomaly (a type of wormhole) is the only known way to enter or exit fluidic space. All attempts to recreate the unique graviton beam previously employed by the USS Voyager to create a passageway have failed. Species 8472 is the only known faction that seems capable of creating and closing the anomalies, giving them sole control over who enters and leaves fluidic space.

Federation and Klingon forces trapped in fluidic space continue to research the means and technology needed to create these anomalies, and while they have yet to be able to leave fluidic space, the factions have been successful at generating wormhole-like pathways within the realm to enhance their travel capabilities.

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