Version 1.60 Preview

  Endless Trail  


·The New Trial is a new feature that produces SPAR Crystals.

·Players can select a stage to challenge in the New Trial interface. Each player has 6 challenge attempts daily. One attempt will be deducted after clearing a stage. Challenge attempts can be purchased.

·Stages will be refreshed after players challenge them successfully. Players also can use Credits to refresh stages manually.

·Stages have multiple modes and strengths. Challenge difficult stages to obtain better rewards. Players will receive the corresponding reward based on the type of stage they challenge daily.



 SPAR Crystals: “Synthetically Produced Attribute Raising System”


· Players can collect various SPAR Crystals in the game.

· SPAR Crystals can be equipped on reformed starships. The higher the starship's level, the more SPAR Crystals can be equipped on this starship.

· SPAR Crystals can be divided into several levels. Players can synthesize 3 SPAR Crystals of the same type and level into 1 higher level SPAR Crystal.

Interface preview: 

Types of Crystals:

Crystal Synthesize:

Crystal Stats Value: 

  Cross-server Squadron Battle  


· Players can join the Cross-server Squadron Battle through the Squadron interface.

· After the Squadron Leader and Vice Leaders sign up for the battle, all squadron members can join the Cross-server Squadron Battle through the corresponding interface. The event lasts for one week. After one week, all battle squadrons' rank will be determined. All squadron members that joined the battle will receive the corresponding reward based on their squadron's rank.

· Battle players can purchase buffs with resources to improve their strength. 

· All players can make bets on the Cross-server Squadron Battle. If they guess the battle result correctly, they will receive the corresponding reward.

Interface preview: 


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