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  • Version 1.60 Will Update to all Servers on Nov. 6th

    We will update version 1.60 to all servers on Nov. 6th 01:30 (PST). Downtime is expected to last approximately 3 hours. Please log off beforehand to avoid any loss.For th

    2017-11-06 [+] read more
  • End of Daylight Saving Time

    Dear Captains,Please note that the time of all servers will change to PST from Nov. 5, 2017. Server time will be reset one hour later then. In avoiding missing on li

    2017-11-04 [+] read more
  • El-Adrel IV Server Now Open!

    A new frontier has been detected!  Now announcing the opening of a new server for Star Trek: Alien Domain on 10/31/2017 at 19:00 PDT: El-Adrel IV!  Log in and c

    2017-10-30 [+] read more
  • Version 1.60 Preview

      Endless Trail  Introduction:¬∑The New Trial is a new feature that produces SPAR Crystals.¬∑Players can select a stage to challenge in the New Trial interface.

    2017-10-29 [+] read more
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