• Winners of the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Event

    Thank you for all your support in the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Event and congratulations to all the winners! Please see below how to claim your prize.To view people’s

    2016-09-21 [+] read more
  • AI Toggle Option Survey & Raffle

    Greetings Captains,We have heard and listened to your complaints and suggestions about the AI issues in CSSB. We have conveyed this issue to the developers and strongly r

    2016-08-16 [+] read more
  • Win A Bloen Destroyer For Star Trek's 50th Anniversary!

    Star Trek: Alien Domain commemorates Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary by giving away one of its rarest starship, the BLOEN DESTROYER, one of the rarest starships in the gam

    2016-08-05 [+] read more
  • Check out the Winners of the Anniversary Video Contest


    2016-06-30 [+] read more
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