• STAD Valentines Cards

    Event Duration: Feb 2 ~ Feb 16, 20161. Register with GameSamba2. Choose your Valentine's Day Card from the Holodeck3. Enter your name and the recipient of your card4.

    2016-02-02 [+] read more
  • GAMESAMBA Star Trek: Alien Domain Player Survey

    Answer the “GAMESAMBA STAR TREK: ALIEN DOMAINTM Player Survey” and be entered for a chance to WIN 1 of the 5  WINNERS of STAD in-game items worth $50!We are also

    2015-09-21 [+] read more
  • Server Merge Survey-Let Your Opinion Be Heard

    Greeting Captains, The purpose of this survey is gathering Star Trek: Alien Domain players’opinions on server merges and similar activities. Your responses will hel

    2015-07-15 [+] read more
  • Rate our Facebook App and WIN REWARDS!!!

    How's your STAR TREK:Alien Domain adventure? If you think our game is EXCELLENT, please rate it 5 stars.Date:June 16- June 30How to join in:Take a screen shot of

    2015-06-16 [+] read more
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